MDI Newsletter March 2019

Flash information March 2019 Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders, We have some breaking news that may be of interest.Last February 21st, team MDI assisted to Flotauto at la Villette in Paris and will also participate at the “Link2fleet” fair in Luxembourg. The primary objective of these events is to raise awareness among fleet managers of the

drive differently

A relevant partnership focused on shared mobility. February 15, 2019 MDI has joined into a partnership with Luxembourgeoise Moovee to boost its performance in the fleet market. Moovee specializes in fleet management and offers a multimodal shared mobility solution. The expertise in fleet management of Moovee is positioned as the missing link in the mobility

MDI Market Survey

Dear Clean Air Community member,  Market study on the clean vehicles of tomorrow.Summary presentation of the results. Hello, First, we would like to thank you for being part of this journey to get closer to the ideal clean vehicles of tomorrow. On January 10th, we sent a survey to you and 40,000 other contacts registered

Fossil Fuel Free Future!

Introducing The Air Community Written by Bert Bruns and printed with his permission. Bert is a shareholder and keen supporter of Air Future Ltd Why? Worldwide we’re all struggling with huge issues like climate change, strive about scarce resources, polluting factories and in general sustainability as a megatrend. Many people have the intuition that we

The Air Community

For Air Future Ltd We invite you as members of a public to join the “Air Community” – a concept already well established by MDI who have over 40,000 public expressions of interest; and growing. You can voluntarily join the “Air Community” (with a number of planned future benefits) by clicking here. It is our