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Discover the first 100% compressed air vehicle.
Discover the first 100% compressed air vehicle

The wide front opening allows easy access to the vehicle. The AirPod 2.0 benefits from a panoramic windshield and a sidewalk pane. Its elevated driving position makes it possible to dominate the urban traffic while conferring a 180 ° vision.

AirPod Cargo with its 2 m3 of load, it is the major asset of parcel deliveries in urban centers (last mile), the ideal tool for market purchases of restaurants, the supply of small urban shops
AirPod Standard for the small urban displacements, to go to appointments, to carry out small interventions in particulars or merchants in the city centers, he is also the friend of the liberal professions, medical and paramedical (nurses, doctors visiting, physiotherapists, carers, home hairdressers,.
Parking has never been easier. Its small footprint allows to multiply the parking by three compared to a conventional vehicle.
A connection to existing electrical terminals or AirWall.
Vehicles can be recharged at home from a single electrical outlet of 16 or 32 amps.
In town, on electric charging stations. MDI vehicles are rechargeable at home from a single electrical outlet or in the city. Electricity drives the AirPod’s internal compressor that re-compresses air in its interior reserves.
Feelings of security, well-being & practicality are the 3 key-concepts used for the creation of the cockpit. As in space design, we are talking here more about interior layout to create a unique and comfortable atmosphere for two people type “cocoon”.

During the first contact, the driver feels his vehicle through the steering wheel. Whether in terms of ergonomics, touch and legibility of information, this first impression must be perfect.
Centralizing driving information near the steering wheel and at its center configures two separate control zones.
The range, engine speed and speed appear at first sight. The air conditioning, the sound system and all the other comfort elements are positioned in a second axis of readability in the center of the steering wheel.
A trunk volume equivalent to vehicles of higher categories. Easily accessible with a low switching threshold and protective mat, this rectangular loading volume is easy to load.

AirPod is designed to have a range of 100 to 120 km, only using compressed air. In this model only cold air is emitted in from the exhaust. The compressed air storage in a carbon fiber tank is at 248 bar.
Our engines cover all types of urban use and are particularly suitable for zero emission zones