Fossil Fuel Free Future!

Introducing The Air Community

Written by Bert Bruns and printed with his permission. Bert is a shareholder and keen supporter of Air Future Ltd


Worldwide we’re all struggling with huge issues like climate change, strive about scarce resources, polluting factories and in general sustainability as a megatrend. Many people have the intuition that we as humankind are ripe to make a next big step. The how of changing our habits is difficult though: we’re so addicted to our fossil fuels and the comfort they provide us.

Before climate change however will force our hand we have options to change our ways. As humans we use technology to advance. It’s not all of the solutions for our global issues but it can be part of the solution. So can you by the way!

We’re here to enable you to become a first mover in sustainable transport and energy. Through our distributorship from MDI, Air Future has the exclusive rights within Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands to manufacture and commercialise a range of MDI transport vehicles, electricity and energy storage applications. This will allow you to have a still developing alternative for fossil fuels. You can support us by participating in our Clean Air Community, help (crowd)fund our initiative and factories, as well as carry further this message.


With the upcoming launch of the urban vehicle AirPod 2.0 by MDI and later in the year the AirWall, we, AirFuture expect a buzzing 2019. 2019 will be decisive, because the MDI projects will move into their phase of production and we will be enabled to sell and distribute the products. This means we’ll shift attention from corporate structure, R&D and funding towards production, customer needs and publicity. So we’re excited to be able to move ahead!

Of course we’ll involve all our early shareholders first; they have enabled the progress we’ve made so far. For this purpose we have started the AirCommunity where you can learn all about the compressed air solutions, how you can participate and keep track of the developments. Further into the year we’ll also offer them the first opportunity to purchase the MDI-products and they’ll also be able to invest in the interesting funding opportunities.

In the meantime we’re gearing up to prepare production, publicity and expand our company to be ready for all this!


So, 2019 will be decisive in a lot of ways! We’ll do our best to provide sensible solutions to the worlds addiction to fossil fuels and involve you and the rest of our community in doing so. Of course you’ll start hearing from us every couple of months about the progress that MDI and we are making. What you can do in the mean time is:

•     Learn more about compressed air technology and the products (video)

•     Become part of our Clean Air Community if you are not yet!

•     Invite your friends and family into the Clean Air Community

•    Invest in our project

•     Sign up for product

Thanks for supporting us so far and be more than welcome to be part of the next crucial stage of our journey into a fossil fuel free future!

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