MDI Market Survey

Dear Clean Air Community member, 

Market study on the clean vehicles of tomorrow.
Summary presentation of the results.


First, we would like to thank you for being part of this journey to get closer to the ideal clean vehicles of tomorrow. On January 10th, we sent a survey to you and 40,000 other contacts registered on our site where 8500 people provided us ten minutes of their time sharing their opinion. The results of this study are invaluable to better understand your expectations regarding clean vehicles, particularly the AirPod2.0.

Once again, thank you for your participation. Below we will present the main lines of the exceptional results we had obtained.

Daily autonomy
From the respondents, 95% travel less than 100 km per day. This figure makes us associate how driver’s autonomy corresponds to the AirPod’s range.

Daily journeys
Moreover, the foremost journeys envisaged by respondents correspond to urban use, to work or shopping.

The AirPod’s perception
Regarding the main property that the respondents identified in the AirPod 2.0, we received overwhelming responses remarking respect for the environment and its low cost of use.

A purchase intention?
More than 45% of respondents are willing to have their own AirPod while 41% do not know yet since part of the audience is not acknowledgeable of this freshest vehicle. Furthermore, more than 50% of respondents find attractive the design of the vehicle.

When to buy?
Half of those surveyed are ready to buy the AirPod2.0 immediately, while a quarter would make this acquisition in a year.

Which other versions do you prefer the most?

Aside from the classic AirPod 2.0, we asked the preference of the respondents between the Cargo and the Pick-up where the cargo stood out with 80 percentage points.

Where to recharge your vehicle?

Faced with the choice of charging, 80% of respondents indicate the option of recharging their vehicle from their home on a conventional outlet as their first choice.

In the rear, this market study brings us a lot of exceptional highlights for the retail market. Further, the AirPod 2.0 is also highly expected by the fleet managers, companies or leasers that our team has already met and will meet during specialized fairs.
Nowadays, the approval of the AirPod2.0 is in progress, as well as the test phases of the prototypes.
MDI will deal with the requests of these potential customers, companies, and individuals, and we will keep you informed of our current thinking.
We plan to offer those who wish to participate in the financing of our next vehicle production plants.
Thanks again for your answers, your time, and lasting support.

See you soon!

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