MDI Newsletter January 2019

Shareholder information January 2019

Dear shareholders and partners,

We sent you, in early January, our traditional wishes for this New Year.

For all our team, this year 2019 will be decisive, because our projects will move into

their phase of industrialization.

Equip fleets operated by companies: a promising market.

The corporate fleet market is an ideal target for our “classic” or “cargo” AirPod2.0 vehicles.

Indeed, these companies often have their own air compressor stations as well as an operational maintenance service.

To solicit these targeted audience in Luxembourg, our team participated in the “Link2fleet Luxembourg” fair on December 11, 2018, where top managers, fleet owners and fleet services providers and financers use to meet to discover new trends.

Our CEO Cyril Nègre, was invited as a speaker to present the Compressed-air engines technology and the Urban vehicle AirPod 2.0 and participated in the experts’ debate on “mobility at the heart of all issues”

Along the same lines, MDI will have a stand at the “Flotauto” show in Paris on

February 21, 2019 in order to meet the French fleet owners and fleet services providers, and have them discover the MDI Compressed air engines Technology and the fleet services MDI proposes in partnership with Moovee, a MAAS provider.

MDI will participate to the “Innovation pitches”, and will show the Airpod 2.0 in the hall dedicated to the new vehicles proposed by automobile manufacturers and mobility services providers.

Already, at the first event, several important groups have clearly indicated their interest for the AirPod 2.0, for Luxembourg and eventually with international expansion. Each of these contacts mentioned significant needs, ranging, dependind of the case, from tens to thousands of AirPod 2.0.

As soon as the prototype is homologated and testable, these contacts can assess the vehicle and appreciate its correspondence with their use or that of their customers.

These requests we received are considerable, while our commercial effort was moderate and our communication voluntarily limited to these restricted audiences.

Indeed, we cannot communicate to the general public until our vehicle and our industrial tool are duly operational: this would create frustrations and be counterproductive.

Market study to individuals.

In second time we will turn to the market of private individuals to which we are also naturally attentive.

We sought to better understand their impressions through a market study developed by A. Ghedin, automotive engineer, and administered with the support of the Feeeds association.

We sent it to 40,000 people, registered on our database via our website. We obtained 8,000 completed questionnaires from two target audiences which represents an exceptional 20 % feed-back rate.

The first results regarding the perception of individuals are extremely encouraging.

It is not possible for us to divulge all the results, but we want to show you the main thrusts:

  • Mobility needs: 95% of those surveyed travel less than 100 km per day, 78% of whom are less than 50 km away. The autonomy of our vehicle is therefore sufficient for the vast majority of these users.• 85% of respondents would like to use it in a “home-work” journey
  • The recognized qualities of the vehicle:
  • o 75% recognize its qualities for the respect of the environment.

o 68% appreciate its cost of use.

o 81% would opt for charging the vehicle on a household outlet.

o More than 50% of respondents appreciate the vehicle’s design.

• Intentions to buy: 45% would like to buy it immediately.


Construction of a first AirPod 2.0 manufacturing plant in France.

The facts are clear: for both corporate fleets and the private market, our AirPod2.0 is highly anticipated.

Although several contacts are in progress, we have no French investors who have registered a license purchase for the hexagon.

To make up for this shortage, MDI’s board of directors decided to create the first

AirPod2.0 production plant in France, along with the desired creation of a plant in

Luxembourg. In both cases, MDI could participate in the capital of these companies,

in the form of a license.

During the month of January, Cyril Nègre, CEO of MDI, is invited to travel to Dubai,

United Arab Emirates, to negotiate the sale of an AirPod2.0 vehicle factory, as well as 200 to 400 vehicles for direct sale.

Construction of the AirBom.

We delivered a first AirBom Light to Veolia which launched its exploitation at Airbus

Helicoptère facilities in Marignane.–Veolia has ordered a second dumpster that will serve the city centre of Lille.

This vehicle is under construction in our Carros factory. It prefigures manufacturing in large quantities, so we are now working on the preparation of the implementation of its mass production.

The launch of our vehicle on the public road will be an event in the Lille metropolis and will bring us a certain media visibility.

Bodywork made in Sardinia.

Our partner AirMobility has started the production of the body panels that will be used for pre-series assemblies in Carros. For them, we are in the process of completing the base and seats composite moluds, following improvements in ergonomics and the interior of the rear door. These finalizations are in progress.

Finance the development of MDI.

The contribution of funds needed to finance our future industrial entity could be made via a crowdfunding operation. You will be the first informed of the launch of this operation, by a “special flash”.

Beyond these plant locations, the development prospects of MDI are very important and will have to be financed.

We have thought about several perspectives, but your suggestions are welcome.

Write us at:

Cyril Negre

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